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Uniform Policy
This new policy applies to all U12 & U14 boys and girls who play on one of our NCJLA teams.  This policy does not apply to boys and girls placed in our City League program.  They will continue to use their practice jerseys (pinnies) for both practices and games.
Granite Bay Youth Lacrosse has upgraded our uniforms and moving to a new model, partnering with Lacrosse Fanatic.  Players will now be responsible to purchase their own GBYL Uniform set through Lacrosse Fanatic and can use this uniform for up to 2 consecutive years.  Players will be able to choose a number based on availability as well as conformance to our Club Number Policy.  Lacrosse Fanatic will set up local uniform fitting days, and take orders, at our Player Evaluation Night.  All payments will be made to them.  The club policy is that all uniforms must maintain their original high quality appearance throughout the 2 year period.  If they do not, a new uniform purchase will be required.   All players must purchase a full uniform set to play on a team.  

Number Policy
  • If two new players request the same available number then the player who registered first will be awarded that number.
  • Once a player is given a uniform number, he will be able to continue using that number throughout his GBYL career.
  • New players, or returning players requesting a different number, may only be granted that number if it is not already issued to an existing player who is within one year of the new player's league age.  Since each age group encompasses two years, this is done to prevent players from having the same number on the same team, now or in the future.