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U11A's Win Swashbuckler Tourney!
The U11A team concluded an exciting and productive 2015...
Girls Win U15B Division Championship!
This is the FIRST EVER division championship win for a Granite...
U15A Boys Finish Strong!
Our U15A Boys team completed another successful season in...
Six Simple Words...
6 Simple Words Every Lacrosse Player Wants to Hear... From...
U11A's Win Swashbuckler Tourney!

The U11A team concluded an exciting and productive 2015 season.  This was the first year Granite Bay fielded a U11A team, and the boys rose to the challenge. This division includes all of the best U11 teams from throughout Northern California, showcasing a high-level of lacrosse play.  The boys excelled throughout the season, finishing 5th out of 14 experienced "A" teams.

During this inaugural year, the young Grizzlies distinguished themselves and earned the respect of Bay-Area perennial powerhouse teams - putting Granite Bay Youth Lacrosse on the map at the U11A level. The boys ended the regular season with a hard-fought upset win over the Diablo Scorpions Kings - making it into the playoffs.  Danville based Diablo is the largest lacrosse club in California.

Concluding their season together, U11A team recently competed in the Swashbuckler Laxapalooza tournament - winning all 5 games, including an exciting nail-biter against a tough Marin team.  More exciting than the win was the extent to which the players came together to support an injured key teammate and rallied as fellow lacrosse players and friends.

The season has ended - but in truth it is just beginning.  We are proud of you.  Keep playing, and we look forward to seeing you all in a Grizzlies' uniform next season.

by posted 06/05/2015
Girls Win U15B Division Championship!

This is the FIRST EVER division championship win for a Granite Bay Youth Lacrosse girls team. Seeded 4th, the U15 team conquered Diablo, before heading to a semi-final against Skyline. The Skyline win placed us in the final championship against Davis, an extremely close game that ended in a tie, leading to overtime. In a dramatic overtime win, GB's goal was revoked on a technicality. After an umpire dispute about that call, a braveheart (3 v 3 with a goalie to golden goal) was decided, and GB came out the victor for the "second" time. 


by posted 05/27/2015
U15A Boys Finish Strong!

Our U15A Boys team completed another successful season in 2015.  In the past two seasons as an "A" level team, this group has earned a combined 29-6 record competing against the best teams in Northern California.  Once again this year, they earned a trip to the "A" division final four.  More important than what they accomplished on game days is the degree to which these boys improved over the course of the season.  They are a very hard working group, with a work ethic that matches their skill level.  This is their last season with Granite Bay Youth Lacrosse, and we congratulate them on representing us well.  Good luck to all of them as they move on to high school next year.

by posted 05/27/2015
Six Simple Words...

6 Simple Words Every Lacrosse Player Wants to Hear...

From US Lacrosse...

“I love to watch you play.” These words have special meaning to my family and me.

I first heard those words from my extended family after an experience with an FCA team in Colorado. FCA staff member Scott Hodgson later brought them back to me after a game last summer, when my son was fortunate enough to be part of a fantastic lacrosse experience at Lake Placid.

“I love to watch you play” are the words your child wants to hear after a lacrosse game or practice. They already get plenty of internal pressure to perform from peers and coaches. They want to hear those words from their parents and family—the people that matter most in their life.

I have two lacrosse pictures hanging in my space at US Lacrosse. One is a team of kids—the Hens—that I truly loved being a part of, both coaching and watching them play. The second is of my son when he came off the field after his first organized lacrosse experience.

He was 11 years old and the Triad (N.C.) Youth Lacrosse Association offered a fall ball introduction to lacrosse. It was an hour of drills and skills, followed by one hour of loosely organized scrimmages. Teams were split up based on ability. The photo shows a sweat-covered young man—my son—with a huge smile on his face. He loved those two hours from top to bottom. What a great gift for me as a parent. My child found true joy in something that he loved.

It took a few years of being a lacrosse parent, then a US Lacrosse-certified coach, to continue to be part of the experience he loved so much. My son worked hard to be accepted to a great high school away from home with a great lacrosse tradition and outstanding academics. He is in boarding school, and I miss him. Last season, I made it to many of his freshman-year games, and to help bridge the physical divide, I started watching all of his film.

Eventually, I put together a highlight reel. Not for college coaches to watch, but for me. I still watch it whenever I’m bored with what’s on TV. I love to see the joy he expresses after a great play. It is usually a small fist pump or shoulder shrug, way after the play is over and no one notices. But I notice it, and it reminds me of the joy he gets from playing lacrosse and why I love to watch him play.

As a parent or loved one, I encourage you to seize the opportunity that is right in front of you. Tell your children that you love to watch them play. Then step back and do just that. Forget about the score, your pride, your anxiety or the dream of college lacrosse and simply share in the joy of their experience.

The season is fast approaching. Find time to love lacrosse as much as your child does, and learn how to love watching them play.

by posted 02/12/2015
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